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Burglary Prevention Tips

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

There are some universal basic truths regarding burglary prevention. Like most truths when you hear them you know them to be true. Here’s one, if you want to keep someone out, first lock your door. That sounds simple and true. It’s the first line of defense. Yet many people don’t lock their doors. 17% of people in the U.S. don’t lock their front door while they are home, even though it is the number one access point for burglars and most of those intrusions happen in the middle of the day. In this article I will list some very simple things you can do, some, you may already know, some, you have forgotten or never thought about.

Before we move on from the subject of locks, buy a good deadbolt lock, not the push button doorknob locks that are easy for burglars to open. Ask your neighborhood locksmith company, and read reviews about the best deadbolts. Recognize also that sliding glass doors may need to be fortified. It is common that rear doors are vulnerable and need to be bolstered and you can find specialized products to help with that. Before moving on I will mention here that windows also need to be locked. P.S. don’t leave keys in hiding places around the exterior of your home, the criminals know these tricks.

The next thing is to make your home look occupied. Lights, yes, keep lights on when you leave your home. If leaving for a long time, on vacation, etc. consider investing in some automatic timers on some key lights or smart outlet adapters. In that same vein, don’t let your mail pile up and have someone cut your lawn. Criminals look for these things to access whether a home is occupied or not. BTW they also look at social media, to find out where you are. It is better to post pictures of your vacation after the vacation instead of announcing to all that you are away. Exterior lights are also important and are not the burglar’s friend. motion sensor lights are a great option for backyards and driveways. Lights make it much harder for burglars to go unnoticed.

Finally, if you notice suspicious vehicles or persons in the neighborhood, something that just looks a little off, trust your instinct and call the police and leave it to them to investigate. The Owensboro police post sums up the major pillars of “Lights, Locks and The Law”. Lock your house, utilize lights, and engage the police when appropriate.

Plan for Safety,

Andy, Senior Editor


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