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About: Safe Home Discoveries

Like you, I want to keep my family safe in our home. To do that, we need information on the threats to, and in our homes, in order to develop practical steps to mitigate risk. My awareness of safety and security concerns started with situational awareness training in my years as a martial artist. My understanding heightened further as I began speaking with police and military personnel while training in local pistol competitions. As a longtime Realtor, Husband, and Father, I have seen some of the choices my clients make protecting their families. These choices range from full blown, state of the art smart home security and fire detection systems, to simple brace bars on sliding glass doors. The question is, what are the most effective or best practices for each person and family given their budget and their unique risks. I endeavor, on this site, to have conversations with safety and security professionals, law enforcement, firefighters, and neighbors to find out what vulnerabilities and risks truly exist in our homes. Once these vulnerabilities are exposed, we can then identify a range of practical steps and action plans to make all our homes safe and secure. We will provide information and resources to help individuals make good decisions and create a safe environment in our homes. Please join us on this journey.

Andy, Senior Editor

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